More Fail Groups…why me?

19 08 2010

Here’s just a list of fail groups from the past few days, because things have gotten quite ridiculous for me using the LFG.

1.) I queue up and get Heroic FoS. Not too bad right? WRONG! As soon as Blizzard teleports me in, I am conveniently right next to a pack of 5 mobs, who immediately kill me. Not even enough time to use Ice Block or Invisimage. Great. I should have known something was up, though, when I realized that we were only marginally partway through the instance when I had to fill in for another DPS. Said realization came to light when we promptly wiped on the mobs that killed me.

I’ve NEVER wiped on mobs in H: FoS. Ever. A person or two die? Sure. A full wipe? Nope. I promptly left the group and switched to my Paladin.

2.) I log in and immediately get heals for H: HoR. I winced, thinking that things could easily be very painful. I log in, and it’s at the beginning for everyone. Not too bad. I shudder as my tank barely has 30k health buffed. We made it through a few trash pulls, but lack of coordination on the part of the DPS and the tank on who to take down first led to everyone taking massive damage, and my poor little old single target healing Paladin self couldn’t save anyone. Oh, and did I mention that the Warlock SS’ed himself? And guess who got kicked out of the group? That’s right. Me.

3.) I queue up for another instance and get Tank for H: VH. I quite drastically outgeared most of the rest of the group, which is not a good thing. We get the shadow dude. People who get void shifted don’t kill the guys shooting shadow bolts everywhere. The healer dies, then I die. Then I get called a bad tank. Lolwut? Luckily we managed to make it through the rest of the instance, but I was first or second on DPS and damage done for almost every fight–including boss fights. Oh, and it took almost an hour.

4.) On my Priestess (who finally hit 80, yay!) I was healing Zul’Drak, and the tank would never wait for me. Ever. For anything. Twice, he ran ahead of me while I was either picking a flower, drinking water, or healing someone else, and start whacking on the next pack of mobs. If he had been a tank with 38k+ health, maxed defenses, and was NOT still wearing heirloom gear as if it’s the shit, then I’d be much more ok with his behavior–but he wasn’t, he was just stupid and annoying and died multiple times because I refused to try to heal someone who ran out of range of me. I don’t heal through stupidity.

Being Helpful vs. Being Annoying

11 08 2010

So I joined my friend’s guild. Again. He loves being a guild leader and I enjoy playing with him, so I whenever he’s started a new guild or I’m guildless and we’re both not on hiatuses, I join his guild. He’s been in charge of I think 4 other guilds so far, 2 of which were RP guilds. While that may not be the most promising of signs, as we all know, sometimes guilds just come and go with the players, especially on an RP server. Regardless, I’d rather play with people I (can get to ) know and enjoy, even if progression isn’t at the same level as a bigger, crazier guild that already has it’s core group of players and is somewhat cliquish and all about the numbers.

As is typical in many guilds, there is a guild council or assistant GMs, there are raid leaders, and there are class leaders. They all have their purpose and, for better or for worse, do what they think is best for the guild and the players. The people I usually come into contention with most, however, are the class leaders. Sometimes, they are just plain rude, and after one look at your armory page, will then chastise you on your gear, enchants, and spec, if it’s not something that they, themselves, would use. Other times they are more polite about it, but still try to tell you that what you’re doing is wrong. They then whisper you to death by telling you exactly where you should go to get what specific gear that they think you should have, and how to respec.

Now, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with class leaders giving other players suggestions. That’s their job, just like raid leaders are to lead raids, and will tell you what to do. Despite this, I have to admit that I get really annoyed when I feel like I’m being treated like a child, and that I’m just some idiot n00b player who doesn’t know their class or the game at all, somehow stumbled my way to level 80 and some decent gear, and am clueless about what a raid is (isn’t that something you kill bugs with?) It’s especially annoying when you haven’t ever seen my performance in a raid, nor do you even really know me. If I’ve only been in a guild for literally 5 minutes, don’t you think there are other things you could be saying rather than just telling me how to play the game? I’ve been a class leader before, buddy, and I’ve been playing my mage for a long time. I know what’s up. It’s helpful to have someone to go to for tips and tricks, but it’s not so helpful to give unsolicited, unneeded advice. It would have at least been nice to see me in action first.

Also, I’ve been friends with the guild leader for years. If there’s a problem with my gear/spec/gems/enchants, he’ll tell me.

Gr. At least this time the person was nice about it. Doesn’t make it any less obnoxious.

It may just be that it’s on my mage that I have a problem…perhaps on my Paladin I wouldn’t have been bothered as much…oh well.

Stupid People Are Stupid

6 08 2010

The level of intelligence in the title explains the amount of imbecility I had to put up with the past couple of nights. Over all, it wasn’t really upsetting or even all that annoying, thanks to a little (re: a lot) of help from Jose Cuervo and Pinot Grigio over the course of the evening, but it was still mind blowing.

To start with, Wednesday night, all I wanted to do was to get in, get my Frost Badges, and get out. Simple, normal heroic behavior. That’s pretty much all anyone uses heroics for these days anyway–gear and badges. It’s just a fact of life we’ve all learned to accept. Most of the heroics are quite easy–in fact, only occasionally do I run into minor problems on Pit of Saron or the Halls of Reflection where someone who is under geared and/or stupid winds up screwing us all over. Otherwise, no one really needs to worry about any heroics.

I wind up in UP after using the dungeon finder. As soon as I arrive, the Shaman in the group goes “Oh crap. Pls boot me.”

I blinked at the screen, a bit confused, but decided that I wasn’t going to do it. My thought process was that if the Shaman (I’ll just use “he” for simplicities sake, as I don’t think ANY girl could possibly be this dumb) didn’t want to be in this instance, he could remove himself and suffer the consequences. To my surprise, however, the Shaman said “I didn’t mean to join a Heroic, I wanted to join regular.” The following is a rough recreation of the conversation.

Me: Huh? Why would you want to do regular?
Shaman: So I can practice my healing.
Tank: This instance is easy, you’ll be fine. You have a 5.3k gs.
Shaman: I’ve never healed before.
Tank: I’m over geared.
Shaman: I’m really bad.
Me: Just spam Chain Heal.
Tank: Or throw up Earth Shield and AFK.
Shaman: Pls boot me.
Me: This is silly. Let’s go.
Shaman: I’ll just log.
Huntard: Lolz guyz, let’s kill stuffz!

Honestly, I’ve never played a level 80 shaman, though I’ve done my fair share of reading up on classes so that I have a general idea of what they can and can’t do. But honestly, his worst piece of gear was the same item level as one of my best, so there didn’t seem to be any way he could mess up so badly that we’d wipe. But he quit the game, so we booted him and picked up another healer and began the instance. End of fail #1.

Just to give a view of the group, we had a Priest healer, me, the Huntard, DK, and the Warrior Tank, and We blew through the trash and got to the first. The tank pulled one of the abominations, so I asked if we were doing the achievement. The following is a rough transcription:

Me: Are we doing the achievement? (I stopped dps).
Tank: Do you need it?
Huntard: (Keeps dpsing) What achievement?
Me: No, do you?
Tank: I’m sure someone does. Stop dps.
Huntard: (Keeps DPSing) I do. Watz the achieve?
Tank: Stop dps.
DK: Stop dps!
Sylvia: RAWR!
Abomination: Me dead!
Me: Don’t dps the abomination! I’m pulling this one.
Huntard: Why?
Tank: It’s part of the achievement.
Me: Dps the ghouls!
DK: (dps’ Sylvia)
Huntard: (dps’ Abomination and Sylvia).
Ghouls: MAGE POWER IS 1337! (dies).
Sylvia: I’M USING MAH–AAAAH! (dies).
Abomination: Me still live!
Me: *sighs* Never mind…
Huntard: Wut waz teh achieve?
Tank: Making Sylvana kill the Abomination with her sword.
Huntard: Oh. Next time tell me what to do then!
Me: …

Yeah. Welcome to my life. And it only gets worse.

Last night, I queued up on my Priestess to get my daily dungeon as I level her. I should have known something was wrong when immediately after teleporting into the instance (AN as it were) someone said “Oh fuck” and left. Rather than bore you with every challenge we faced wiping 5 times before the first boss, I’ll just put it simply.

The mage thought he could trade me his mana gem. At level 73. He also didn’t understand the art of targeting what the tank was targeting. He also had every single talent point invested in his fire tree.

The DK “tank” was part frost, part unholy, having finished neither tree. He also had on at least 4 pieces of gear with +spellpower, and maybe 2 more that gave +intellect. He wasn’t even in all plate. He also liked to pull when I had no mana. To put it in perspective, the *highest* amount I had after our first wipe and me buffing/healing everyone was 44%. The *average* was about 23%, and the lowest was 11%. Thanks, buddy, thanks.

The other DK DPS basically spammed D&D the entire run and didn’t care about his aggro. Otherwise he was fine.

The Warlock SS’ed himself. Twice.

The warrior had an obnoxious add-on that whispered me every time I used a spell because I hadn’t bought skills in a couple of levels. I think it was called Rank Watch, and it was the single most obnoxious add-on ever. I don’t need that one new level of Flash Heal, thanks. Have you died yet? Great.

It was a dreadfully painful run. All because of stupid, stupid, stupid people.

Of course, my life wouldn’t be complete unless I had done something equally stupid the past couple of days.

After crawling through AN, I started questing in Agmar’s Hammer, and happened to get grouped up with a a couple of very nice fellows to do the first of the “WANTED” quests of the area, all of which happen to be elites. It’s been a year and a half since the last time I did them, as I haven’t had a toon ding 80 in quite some time. Thus, after we killed the Frost Wyrm, and for every subsequent elite after that, I kept leaving, thinking that the quest chain was complete. Therefore it happened at least 5 times. Stupid, stupid me. Thankfully, the people I was traveling with were very kind and understanding, and waited patiently for me at each boss. It helped that I was typically doing about 50% of the damage each time (or more) among 4 people…

Regardless, sometimes dealing with idiocy can be quite frustrating, but always remember to have as much patience as possible. After all, you never know when YOU’RE that idiot, even unknowingly.

Because it’s just too funny not to post…

4 08 2010

I’m sure by now we’ve all seen this…

But now I have just made an additional discovery!

Brilliance. Pure brilliance.

The Real Problem with Heroics

20 01 2010

Firespirit recently made a post about the declining utility and purpose of heroics, and how they basically aren’t that heroic any more. I tend to agree. When heroics were released in BC, they were released closer to the end of the expansion, and so were much, much harder. Even people in T6 were known to wipe in a few of them, because they were just that damn difficult. However, in our current expansion, they were released simultaneously with the normal instances, when T7.5 was basically end game raiding. Now, there is nothing wrong with a changing game, but now that we are at T10 sets…those heroics that used to still be challenges in T7.5 gear are laughable.

Now, I don’t need to repeat what others are saying about heroics, as bloggers and forums are literally bursting at the seams with insight. However, it wasn’t until I was recently playing on my Paladin that I sort of realized just what was so ineffective about them.

As others have mentioned, people can burn through heroics now quite easily and even carry a lagging DPS through it. However, as both a tank and a healer on my paladin, the “burn burn burn” strategy is quite annoying. Especially when I am tanking. I recently did a run through Old Kingdom, and I was assigned to tank by the Random LFG. Unfortunately for me, I spend a lot of time on my mage trying to gear him out, and I spend a lot of time on my Spriest leveling her up, so what badges I’ve managed to acquire on my Paladin have all gone towards his healing set, and not his tanking set. This means that I am still tanking mostly in item level 200 gear, or Naxx gear. I have a few pieces of 213 or 219 gear, and the necklace from ICC 10 man where I successfully off-tanked it, but that doesn’t change the fact that a lot of my gear is still, while more than enough for heroics, beneath that of most players. So when I’m in a group where the warrior is in 2 pieces of T10, 2 pieces of T9.66, and otherwise 251 gear…well, there wasn’t a fight where he didn’t get aggro.

To be fair, he never once complained, and was overall very nice the entire time. However, it was frustrating when both he and the DK were getting aggro, because I was trying my hardest to tank and tank well. I’m still learning to tank with my paladin, and it’s not helpful if I can’t tell if it’s just them massively outgearing me or if I’m doing something wrong. And I’m sure, for a lot of new tanks, this is a common occurrence. It leads me to believe that when a lot of them finally DO get T9 gear, they still aren’t quite sure of what they need to be doing in some of the higher raids, and believe that their stats will carry them (which, as anyone who has gone through ToC, ToGC, or ICC will tell you, is clearly not the case).

However, I’ve been in groups before where people would yell at me for not holding aggro, yet it was them who pulled when I had little or no mana to gain any threat. Consecration takes up a decent chunk of mana, and rushing through an instance doesn’t exactly give me a chance to regain it. I’ve had to seal and judge for wisdom before just to have enough mana to gain and hold aggro, even though Corruption actually generates more threat. As a healer, rushing through instances is also quite annoying, though with Divine Plea and a 22k mana pool, decidedly less so. Still, all players that get pushed through heroics suffer from the lack of patience of those who simply want their frost badges (thus keeping those who need the extra triumphs from getting gear) and don’t care about the “proper” way to run an instance. This affects both first time 80s and alts, as for many classes, the “leveling” spec is not the “raiding” or “PvP” spec one will use at level 80.

Am I the only one who has experienced this, or do others feel that the quality of players is steadily declining, and that the new push for heroics aren’t helping?

OMG New Post…that is a rant…

14 01 2010

Wheeeeeeeeeee back for one of my sporadic posts (soon to hopefully be less sporadic). Outside of grad school kicking my ass, harder and harder each and every day, I was finally able to come back form my WoW hiatus this past break and have tried to accomplish as much as possible. Admittedly, with 3.3 and the availability of T9 to…well, everyone, it wasn’t very difficult. I appreciate them making it more available, but I think this time they went overboard. Killing Heroic bosses in 30 seconds or less just…isn’t fun. Trash pulls that once required at least SOME care can now be AoE’ed down with ADDITIONAL trash without difficulty…overall kind of lame, in my opinion. It’s not really Blizzard’s fault (in a roundabout way it is, I suppose) but in general they have been making the game a bit too easy, lately, especially PvE-wise. PvP will always be somewhat challenging and dynamic, as real humans are fairly less predictable (in many cases) than a computer program, but PvE…ugh.

To be fair, I can’t tell you how many people STILL stand in the bad stuff (aka fire) in raids. STILL. It’s hard to pressure them to create new mechanics when half of their player base can’t handle the oldest one in the game. When you see a giant pillar of flame erupt at your feet, and you start taking damage, you should move. Period. I don’t really know why they would ever think otherwise. Even if you think the mage in your party/raid cast it for AoE, why not be safe and alive rather than sorry and dead? If green gas is being emitted around you, what makes you think standing there and breathing it in is going to help your dps?

ANYway, what I will say is that with the new system, it’s been even harder to maintain two characters, especially with one having dual spec, while leveling 2 alts. I know, I know, some people manage it just fine. I guarantee their /played is higher than mine. And now the expectation is for everyone to be in full T9, and since most people are, it’s very difficult being in a group that is not, especially as a tank. I don’t think I’m a bad tank, but a dps in almost all 232 gear plus a few 245/251 pieces is going to be able to pull aggro from a tank in mostly 200 to 219 gear. And it’s not that I don’t know what I’m doing—I was able to successfully off-tank the first wing of ICC 10-man, and tank heal it in my healing set (which has 4 pieces of T9, though not many more 232 pieces beyond that), but…in heroics, people just get impatient and reckless.

Dear Warlock/Priest—if you pull a mob and put 4 DoTs on it because I’m “going too slow” and you expect me to save your ass, think again. I probably didn’t pull because I probably didn’t have enough CDs ready. They are short CDs, so if you’d waited 5 more seconds, I would have been good to go. Alternatively, I might have been trying to get mana, because a mana-less paladin tank cannot tank.

It’s funny, because I usually go pretty fast, so when someone complains, I just roll my eyes.

I am a bit frustrated, though. My defense rating is 633, which is almost 100 points too high. Yet, I’m not enchanted or socketed for def rating at all—the only thing I have is the helm enchant, and I got it for the +30 stam. Everything else is stam or avoidance. I’m hoping to get some gear that prioritizes other stats soon, because being that far over cap is just annoying. What I’ve noticed is that the newer gear actually decreases stam a LOT in favor of not quite as much avoidance, so it seems as if they are actually making paladin tanks a little worse…I can’t be sure though. So far, it’s been mostly heroics which are EZ-mode, and in ICC since dodge is reduced by 20% avoidance is low anyway, and it’s really up to heals to keep the tank up (thanks, Blizzard, cause we didn’t have a hard enough job already…QQ).

But now for my fun-fun frost spec. Bottom line? I love it. So much fun. Second bottom line? Not reliable enough. It’s also nearly impossible to test. Let me handle reliability first, as it’s really a quite simple problem: Fingers of Frost just doesn’t proc when I need it to, and doesn’t proc often enough.

Now let me back-track and compare all three specs briefly, so people can see where I’m coming from.

DPS can prioritize one of two stats to their choosing (or do nothing in particular with either and let the gear scale itself naturally). One is crit, the other is haste. In a nutshell, hit harder, or hit faster. We all know this. Here’s the problem:

Fire doesn’t really gain much from haste. It gains a LOT from crit. Bigger Ignite damage, Hot Streak, you name it, it needs crit. Arcane gains some from crit, seeing as AB increases damage by a percent, so crits can get bigger. Additionally, the Arcane tree grants a 10% bonus to spirit, so coupling that with the Molten Armor glyph and T9 set bonus, it’s easy to get higher crit going into the arcane tree (and indeed, many fire mages choose to take that talent, and for good reason.) However, it gains a lot more from haste. A 1.8 second AB is pretty damn fast, but when you get the AM proc (which procs 40% of the time when using AB), missiles are firing 3-4 times a second. There are 5 missiles total. You get the idea. Imagine stacked with Icy Veins and Bloodlust…yummy.

Frost, on the other hand, is a huge problem. Frost gains no stacking damage like AB does, and has a lower overall damage output than fire. While it has a slightly higher base damage output than AB, Arcane mages scale intel and spellpower, so it cancels out fairly quickly. As in by level 80. Fire and frost mages both get an elemental debuff that increases their crit on a boss, but fire gets the extra ignite with the heightened crit. And has talents to increase crit, whereas frost just increases damage from crits. In terms of haste, well, as mentioned before, Arcane just does better, and has a talent increasing haste by 6%. Frost does have talents to reduce the cast time of frostbolt by a total of .7 seconds, but that’s just frostbolt. We’ve no other spells really, unless we want to cast frostfire bolt (which has a higher crit modifier).

If I didn’t articulate it clearly, this is what I’m getting at. If you have gear stacked with crit, fire is the way to go. If you have gear stacked with haste, arcane is the way to go. If you are in the middle, you could pick either of those, because it outperforms Frost, as frost has no abilities that utilize them as greatly as the others. Fingers of Frost has a 15% proc chance, which is abysmally low. Thankfully, blizzard gave us Deep Freeze, but the damage is still not quite high enough. In my mostly 232 gear I can get crits for around 14k-15k with Arcane Blast at 3 or 4 stacks. Deep Freeze usually crits for 18k. Deep Freeze can only be used once every 30 seconds AT MOST. And herein lies the problem. The damage isn’t high enough, and combined with the CD, it’s just too long inbetween casts to be a reliable source of damage. It will end up being the 4th highest source of damage, sometimes third if I’ve been unlucky with FoF and haven’t gotten many ignites up. But it still only amounts to 10% of my damage.

Now, I understand Blizzard’s position. We have 2 specs that are both viable for raiding and one that is viable for both leveling and PvP. What more do we want? There are other classes that need work, right?

Yeah, uh, wrong. Hybrid classes all seem fine, some even almost too good (druids wut? Good in all four specs? Paladins? PvP like crazy). And pure dps classes (the only “pure” anything class (we don’t have a class dedicated to ONLY healing or ONLY tanking…)) I know, I know, I’m still QQing over it…all I’m saying is, Blizzard is quick to shut down arguments saying that things already work (and the mage class does work, I won’t deny it.) But right now it’s also fairly boring in PvE. Especially Arcane. Frost can be the most boring, because you just spam frostbolt, unless you get a FoF and then you cast Deep Freeze if it’s up, or you cast a fireball if Brain Freeze pops up. Fire is at least marginally interesting…but overall, like everything else in the game, it’s getting to be too easy. Arcane is about mana management for longer fights, and could use a new spell or two that could help pump out DPS at the cost of a bigger chunk of mana (besides just continuously using AB past 4 stacks or using Arcane Power, which isn’t a huge liability) to make it slightly more interesting. And AB could have different damage scaling, maybe.

But what could we possibly do with frost? What mechanic could Blizzard possibly put into place? Well, remember that one time that a Paladin’s Exorcism changed functions depending on whether or not the target was a player or non-player enemy? I propose we bring that back. For example, if they have Brain Freeze make Fireball treat the target as if they were frozen (if they are a non-player target) and not consume a charge of FoF, then you’d probably see more mages using that talent. Additionally, they should increase the damage bonus from Deep Freeze, and maybe have it so that, upon consumption, if Deep Freeze deals damage to a target, spell haste and crit are increased by 10% for 15 seconds. That’d be very nice indeed, since it’d be a short but effective buff. I know mages have the 12% haste buff on the T10 2-piece set, but again, it benefits both arcane and fire FAR more than it does frost, especially since Missile Barrage and Hot Streak proc FAR more often. Having a buff that is unique to frost would be awesome.

I’d also like to see an increase in the proc of FoF, but I’m not sure how OP that would make mages in arenas. Anyone here know how useful it is in Arenas? I’d imagine people don’t count on it because it’s so random and doesn’t proc all that often, but when it does happen, does it make frost mages unfairly strong? I don’t arena and rarely PvP, though I do plan on getting back into it at some point…

And I still like my “chains of ice” or whatever spell. I think it would be awesome and would allow frost mages to stack either crit or haste, and would be awesome for raid bosses and arena. For those of you that missed it, here’s the skinny from an earlier post.

1.) The spell lasts for x seconds. During those x seconds, each time a spell you cast critically hits, it adds a “chain” to the target. When the spell fades or is dispelled (so there is SOME PvP application), it takes the total damage that was the EXTRA CRIT damage, and applies it to the target, possibly as a DoT effect, equal to the number of chains on the target x 2. Along with that possibility, it might be necessary to take the extra crit damage and half it, so as not to be over powered.

By extra crit damage, I mean that if your frostbolt normally hits for 3k, and it crits for 5.5k, the damage stored is 2.5k (and the original 5.5k damage is still dealt to the target.)
So lets say you get in 3 crits with frostbolt and 1 crit with Ice Lance. That’s 4 chains on the target. Take the damage done that was the added critical damage, half it, and apply that damage each second for 8 seconds, as the “chains melt away.”

2.) The spell lasts for x seconds. During those x seconds, each time you cast a spell that normally has a cast time (not an instant like Ice Lance, not channeled like Blizzard or Arcane Missiles), a “chain” is applied. At the end of the spell’s duration/it is dispelled, it applies a fixed amount of damage per “chain” as a DoT effect equal to the number of chains x 2. If a spell crits, the DoT effect for it’s particular chain gets 50% of bonus damage applied as did the original spell.

For instance, let’s say a Frostbolt hits for 3k and crits for 6k, and each chain does a base of 100 damage per second per chain. If you land 3 and crit one Frostbolt, you’ve done 15k damage, and gotten 4 chains on the target, for an additional 400 damage per second over 8 seconds. However, because one of them crit, that one chain will get an additional 50 damage (because 50% of 100 is 50, and it was a 100% damage bonus to the original cast (3k+3k=6k)), so the spell will now do 450 damage per second over 8 seconds.

This will not affect your instant Fireball (should you have specced into it), so if that procs you do still get a chain added because it originally has a cast time.

Alright. That’s that for now. Now that it’s winter break, I’ll *actually* be able to post more. And I’m already planning another one for tomorrow or so. About me being an alt-o-holic. It was recently brought to my attention because I tend to yell excitedly in trade when I see people I know, then clarify and say “Ten’nen” so they don’t think some rando is saying “hi” to them. One of my friends went. “Ten’nen. Just how many alts do you have?!?” So that’s for next time. Until then!

Replacing Yourself

5 10 2009

I love random hiatuses. I find that they often occur when life starts by just throwing lemons on you, then starts to rain on your parade, and then shatters everything you hold dear. That may or may not be slightly melodramatic, but you get the idea. Starting grad school, working 2 part-time jobs, working an almost full time job, and holding down an internship left me no time for WoW. I’ll say that I’m glad I’m one of those individuals who can actually bear to separate from the game (as I’m sure we all know people who can’t) but it does leave me sad when I come back to the game and I get tells being like “Hiatus again?!?” or “Oh, we thought you were dead, because, you know, you didn’t tell us you were leaving for a while” or whatever. Sorry everyone!

Anywhozzile, I’ve been popping on and off a tad bit recently, just to run a couple heroics, have a failed ToC raid, kill the first few bosses of an Ulduar run, you know, the usual. When I first came back, it was on a Saturday when my guild (of which I’m a co-leader…*cough cough*) had a Naxx run. I logged onto my main (or what I consider my main) and the raid leader immediately asked me if I could get on my Paladin since we needed another tank. I was a little taken aback, as my tanking gear was just enough to go through any of the heroics, but not necessarily Naxx 10 (or so I thought). Granted, Naxx is child’s play these days, but remember I hadn’t been on for a long time, so I hadn’t been running tons of heroics and what badges I had been getting, I’d been using on my holy gear since healing was what I wanted to do most on my paladin.

While the run went alright (Sapph didn’t even try to eat me YAY!) it did get me re-analyzing which toons I played. For a while I had been doing a damn good job of leveling my priestess. She’s now 55 and hasn’t moved for over a month. Ten’nen was supposed to always be my main, but my paladin has now seen as much or more content than he has, with twice as much gear to show for it. Ten’nen hasn’t even set foot in ToC yet. I think in terms of gear score, they are about equal for BOTH healing and tanking sets. And I find that often when I log on, I see a request for a tank/healer for a heroic and I whisper the person saying “I’ll get on my paladin” and I’ll hop over and run the heroic, just for something to do.

Yet, it has become frustrating. I really enjoy playing Prialeson, don’t get me wrong, but I feel as if I’m changing who I am in the game. Maybe there is nothing wrong with having two favorite toons, but I think there is something inherently wrong with having two “mains.” It’s also frustrating when people call me “Prial” when I’m on Ten’nen. And by frustrating, I simply mean curious and a teeny bit annoying, because I want people to know that I am Ten’nen first, Prial second. Granted, I’ve probably raided with a larger group of people on my paladin, as decent healers who have a smidgen of intelligence are somewhat harder to find these days, and 3.5k dps means nothing anymore, but…it’s still curious.

A long time ago, Firespirit posed some similar thoughts, but I ask this of you, readers: have you ever felt yourself being “replaced” by a different toon? Did it irk you at first, or was the change smooth? When people don’t know your real name and you’re going by your toon’s name, how does that change who you are? Or who you appear to be? Do you act differently on one toon than another? In game versus how you act in real life?


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